World Animal Day

Nellie looking beautiful

Greeting loyal readers.  Mummy was telling Me and Nellie that it was World Animal day on the 4th October and we seem to have missed it.   She says that every day is world animal day for Us as we have such a good life.  Well, this is true but it only because we deserve it.  It is right and proper that Me and Nellie are given the love and understanding that we need to be good little maremmas.  After all are we not the best dogs in the land.   But some people do not realise this especially cyclists.   Sometime people pass our home and do not stop and admire Me and Nellie as they should.   Me and Nellie have to chase them and bark at them to remind them that we are here and are deserving of their attention.   But they never seem to stop.  This makes Nellie and Me sad.  Mummy says we have a good life because we are not out in paddocks in all weather protecting livestock.  Me and Nellie would not like that.  We do not like the rain and we do not like being cold.  We like to lie in front of the fire in the winter evenings.  But soon it will be summer and Me and Nellie do not like being too hot.  We have to find somewhere to sleep in the shade and drink lots of water.  We have to go as it is time for our early afternoon nap. Love Jasper and Nellie from the very damp Mangamahu valley

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2 Responses to World Animal Day

  1. We didn’t know it was World Animal Day either! 🙂

    Lucky for us as well, every day is Animals day!! Hehe

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Yes, that’s rignt. Every day is like christmas in Jasper and Nellie’s maremma land. 🙂

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