Me being special

Me and Nellie in the sunshine

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Well, wasn’t the rugby game so very exciting.  In fact it was so exciting my mummy went to bed early because she said she couldn’t stand any more excitement. My aunty is staying with us at the moment.  She says that I am a special dog and as such have special needs.  That is right for I am a special dog.  My sister says I suffer from separation anxiety every time my mummy leaves me.  I do not like it when mummy goes away.  She is my flock and I have to be with her at all times.  This morning she when through the gate to pick some dandelion leaves for those silly rabbits.  I had to follow her and where I go Nellie comes too. Mummy says Nellie is my little white shadow.  So imagine mummy’s surprise when she turns around and there is Me and Nellie prancing around the paddock.  She said some more naughty words and told Me and Nellie to get back through the gate.  When mummy goes to the woolshed we cannot get through the gate so Me and Nellie sit there and I make pathetic wimpering sounds until she comes back.  Mummy says that half the valley can hear me wimpering.  My aunty says she is going to write an expose about Me and Nellie and tell the world what we are really like.  Off we go and see where Mummy is.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two best behaved maremmas in the land.

Me looking through the gate waiting for Mummy to return

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