Me and Nellie Playing

Me and my rugby ball in the water bowl

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Me and my human sister were playing a game of fetch today.  Well, it was sort of a game of fetch.  My sister was throwing my rugby ball to Me and I was grapping it and running around my play lawn with it in my mouth.  Then I decided to go inside and put the rugby ball in my water bowl.  My mummy was in the kitchen and she was so surprised to see Me throw my rugby ball into the bowl.  I got it in on the first shot.  Aren’t  I so cleaver.  My mummy and aunty was watching Me and Nellie play and they decided that Nellie plays like a dog (which she is) but she is not very good at playing with toys.  My mummy  says that Nellie is used to the rough and tumble play of other dogs because she grew up with her brother and daddy to play with.  Whereas Me only had my human family to play with when I was a little puppy and I had lots of toys to play with in an attempt to stop me from chewing anything and everything is sight.  Off Me and Nellie go to indulge in a little moon barking at the cows.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two best maremmas in sunny Mangamahu.

Nellie resting after playing with Me

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