FAQ about Me and Nellie

Nellie and I get a lot of questions from our maremma fans. Here the answers to some of them… 

Where do we come from?

We are an ancient breed of Italian sheepdog.  You can read all about Maremmas in the following links http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/maremmasheepdog.htm


They are on something called the internet.  Me and Nellie do not know what an internet is but my mummy tells us that is how they found Us. However, I came from Palmerston North, when I was a little puppy and Nellie came from Marton. 

Where do we live?

In the sunny Mangamahu Valley, which is half way between Wanganui and Hunterville.

 Do we have a family?

Yes, a human mummy, daddy, sister, brother and auntie.

 What is moonbarking?

We maremmas are known for our bark (just ask the residents of the valley). We bark at possible danger, passing cars (especially those which don’t stop to admire us), the postie, Farmer Rae and, of course, the moon just because it is there. We often indulge in moonbarking in the middle of the night much to the annoyance of our daddy. I can’t understand why – we are just warning of potential danger.

 What do we eat?

Anything on the kitchen bench or floor or is thrown out the kitchen window or what  Me and Nellie can find in the chicken run.  Once I ate a lovely piece of steak someone left on the bench. How was I to know it wasn’t for me? My family had to have fish pie for dinner instead.

 Why won’t we get into the car?

The car is evil; it means the vet.  And the vet is a frightening place. Sometimes my auntie and mummy tease me by trying to make me get into the car. That is not very nice of them. It makes me walk backwards. Yesterday my auntie tried to make me get into a wheelbarrow! She said it would look cute. I don’t do cute – that is for those silly little dogs. I am not one of those dogs.

 Why does my mummy use naughty words to me (but not Nellie)?

I don’t know why I am a good dog…most of the time….maybe not when I am crashing through her herbaceous borders or annoying the rabbits or digging a hole in her garden beds.  My mummy says Nellie is a good dog, except when she goes walkabout or is caught chewing a pair of shoes.

Off Me and Nellie go.  I think I can hear mummy coming home and We must be there to greet her.  Love Jasper and Nellie.


Me helping doing the laundry!!

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