What makes Me and Nellie happy

Nellie and her bone

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Yesterday our mummy came home with two lovely juicy bones from the supermarket.  Our family were saying how happy Me and Nellie looked romping around the lawn and garden carrying our bones in our mouths.  I like to bury my bone in some dark corner of the garden and re-visit it a few weeks later.  For some reason my family will not let me in the house with my nicely matured bone.  They say things like “take that disgusting bone outside you revolting dog”. I do not understand why.  Another thing that makes Me and Nellie happy are nice tasty snacks appearing like magic on the kitchen floor.  I am particularly fond of cheese and toast and sometimes our mummy will give us her toast crusts.   But this doesn’t happen very often. This makes Me and Nellie sad.  What makes Me and Nellie happy is when friends of our siblings come to visit.  We like this. There are people here to love and admire Us and tell Us that we are the best maremmas in the land.  What makes upset is when they go and play in the swimming pool.  Me and Nellie do not like this.  Playing in water is an abomination against nature and we must bark and warn our friends and family that they are in danger.  But sadly no one takes any notice of Me and Nellie.  We do not understand.  Are we not doing our maremma duty?  Another thing that makes Me happy is having a snooze on a lovely soft bed, but somehow my family do not seem to appreciate Me leaping on their bed.  I do not understand why not.  Off I go. I have noticed that the hallway door is open and Me and Nellie can sneak down and have a snooze on a nice soft bed.  We are sure no one will notice us.  Love Jasper and Nellie.


Me on the bed

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One Response to What makes Me and Nellie happy

  1. Jasper, we too are constantly bewildered as to why our humans don’t like smelly bones! Isn’t that one of life’s sweet joys? We did overhear our Mummy telling our Daddy about the post when you got those 4 juicy steaks, and how funny she thought that was. We also saw the shopping list and they having steaks tonight. Perhaps our time will come soon to enjoy what is rightfully ours!! Mummy may not be laughing so much but we will be very happy! Furrfully yours, Freya and Rosamond

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