The meter man

Me looking adorable

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  This weekend is our daddy’s birthday and he is having some friends to stay.   Our mummy was telling Us that we have to be good maremmas and not be too naughty.  Me and Nellie looked at each other and the looked at mummy with our soulful amber eyes and said we don’t know what mummy is talking about.  Are we not the best behaved maremmas in the land?  Our aunty was telling mummy that the meter man made the mistake trying to read the meter yesterday and I went into full ‘defend my property’ mode.  I was barking and snarling at the meter man.  Aunty said it was a good thing that Me and Nellie were tied up or else we could have caused some damage to the poor meter man. As it was, he was terrified of Me and Nellie.  As loyal readers know, Me and Nellie are the nicest maremmas in the land.  We like to wag our tails and follow our mummy and daddy around.  We like to run around and play with the chickens.  We like to put our head in the rabbit cage and to visit our friends the cows.  How can our family think we are anything but good maremmas?  Mummy was telling daddy that the eel got out at work again and it had slivered over the carpet to be near the door to the museum. Mummy said she was very glad that she did not come across it when she came to work.  Thankfully the eel is returning back to its home in the Whanganui river. Off Me and Nellie go.  We think daddy’s friends have arrived.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

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One Response to The meter man

  1. Ninnie, AKA Woollie or Blondie says:

    This is the best blog on the entire Internet, Jasper is my hero, and Nellie too of course. Always look forward to the next episode in the life of Jasper and Nellie.

    From Ninnie, the nicest Maremma in Queensland, Australia 🙂

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