Wishing to be Me and Nellie

Daddy's birthday cake.

Greetings loyal readers.  Me and Nellie have had such a busy few days.  Daddy’s friends have been staying and Me and Nellie have been rushing around barking and wanting pats and the getting the love and attention that We so richly deserve.  Our sister is busy studying for her end of year exams and she was telling mumy how she would love to be Me and Nellie because We have such a such a charmed life.  All we do is run abound and play with each other, eat tasty snacks and have our morning and evening dinner and most of important of all We sleep. We sleep on the deck, on the lawn, under the kitchen table and sometimes We even sleep on our doggy beds. Our mummy said our lives are not that charmed as We have to be maremmas and that takes lots of effort. We constantly have to be on guard just in case someone dares to come up the driveway.  We have to patrol our patch and make sure that the whole Mangamahu valley know that we are on the job. We do this by barking. Lots.   All this work can be very tiring.  Love Jasper and Nellie who are going to have  a nice nap because we were up late last night because it was Daddy’s birthday.


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