Me warning my family about the dangers of using the swimming pool.

Greetings loyal readers.  Do you like the photos?  Our mummy found them on our sister’s facebook wall.  Me and Nellie do not know what a facebook is, but it sounds like a very interesting place to be.   Mummy says our sister spends too much time there.   Nellie was telling Me that she didn’t like having Daddy’s friends to stay.   She really wanted to be nice and friendly to them but she is such a good maremma that she felt she just had to bark at them every time anyone left the house.  Which she did. All the time.  My aunty said she was getting very annoyed with Nellie and her constant barking.  Mummy told her that she has to be more patient with Nellie as she has not had as much human contact as I had when she was growing up.  She is not used to having lots of visitors.  Me on the other hand just wanted to be patted and adored.  I like to spend time with visitors.  They have to be reminded that I exist and am deserving of their attention.  I like doing this by lying in the most annoying place I can find.  This is usually under the kitchen table or in the middle of the deck or my personal favourite is to lie in the middle of the kitchen floor.  This causes the most inconvenience to family and friends wishing to use the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  It is fitting and proper that they all have to remember that I exist.  Off Me and Nellie go.  We are stilling having to catch up on our beauty sleep over our hectic weekend.

Me and Nellie looking cute

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