Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Me and Nellie are slowly recovering from our busy visitor filled weekend.  For the past few days I have had a bit of upset tummy and that has put Me off my food.  Now, as loyal readers know I am well known for my greedy attitude towards mine and Nellie’s dinner.  I hadn’t been eating my biscuits with my usual enthusiamism and devotion.  Daddy decided last night to soak my biscuits in some milk to make them more palatable ot Me.  When my mummy and aunty saw this they started to laugh at Me.  Said things like “what a pathetic, wimpy dog” and “he hasn’t had his biscuits in milk since he was a puppy”.  I do not understand.  Am I not the best, bravest maremma in the land?  I am not pathetic or wimpy. I am Jasper the wonder dog.  Daddy said it was only temporary and he is sure I will soon be woofing down my dinner with my usual vigour.  Love Jaspser and Nellie who think it is time for our morning dinner, so we had better be waiting for Daddy to bring it out to Us.

Me making myself at home

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