Another trip to the vet!!!

Me in the back of the car

Greetings loyal readers.  Oh, what a traumatic day I’ve had.  It was awful and horrid, for today I went to the VET. It started out this  lovely sunny morning and Me and Nellie were having romp on our play lawn.  We were romping  little maremmas hearts out  and then all of a sudden Mummy heard this strange wimpering noise and it was Me.  I had hurt my paw and was in a lot of pain. My leg was bent and I couldn’t stand on it and had to lie down. I almost fainted! My mummy started to panic and she rung the vet immediately who said bring him in straight away.  Thankfully my aunty was home and they were able to lift me into the back of the car.  I did not want to get into the car. I get very carsick. 

Hello Jasper’s aunty here. Don’t believe Jasper one little bit.  All a bit of a Hollywood. Yes, it must have hurt but after lifting him into the car boot (lined with a tarpaulin just in case) and rushing him to the vet we found out he did nothing more than stub his toe! More than I can say for the vet who got a wee chomp from Jasper while he was examining him. Fortunately Jasper wasn’t carsick. In fact he looked like he was enjoying the ride!


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2 Responses to Another trip to the vet!!!

  1. Ninnie, AKA Woollie or Blondie says:

    Hello, Ninnie here, Jasper’s no.1 fan. So glad to hear Jasper is fine!

    Just wanted to say I used to hate riding in cars too when I was little, and I used to get sick. But by the time I was one year old or maybe a bit older I was completely over it and now I actually enjoy car-rides because that’s how I get to all the fun places like parks and lakes for my walks. So maybe getting car-sick is just a Maremma puppy thing that we grow out of.

    Off I go back to my nap, very hot here today!

    Love, Ninnie.

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Thank you for being my number one fan. It fitting and proper that I am adored for after all I am the best behaved maremma n the land. (Along with Nellie, of course) Me and Nellie have been such good dogs today, but our Aunty has been naughty and she is teasing Me and asking Me if I want to get in the car. Of course not!! I run away if anyone mentions the word car.

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