Being a hot Maremma

Me sitting on the couch

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.   Our mummy was telling Me and Nellie that we have a fan of our blog. She is a maremma called Ninnie  and she  lives in Australia.  Me and Nellie are not too sure where Australia is but it sounds far away.  Mummy was saying that it gets very hot in Australia.  Me and Nellie do not like to being too hot.  It gets very hot in the sunny Mangamahu valley in the summer and Me and Nellie do not like it, one little bit.   We have to sit under a nice cool tree in mummy’s garden.  She is not very pleased with Us sitting in her garden.  She says we squash her plants and nothing grows there.   Mummy does not appreciate Us being in  her garden.  Sometime it gets up to 40 degrees Celsius on our play lawn.  Mummy makes sure we have lots of cool water to drink and when it gets really hot we like to sit on the nice cool tiles in the kitchen.

Do you like the photo?   Aunty took it last night.  She had been naughty and was teasing Me and saying that nasty three letter word “car” to Me.  I did not like it one little bit.  Off Me and Nellie go as it getting towards our evening dinner time and we must be prepared to woof down our dinner.

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