Suspicious minds

Me eating my bone

Greetings  loyal readers and fellow maremmas.   Me and Nellie have been thinking that our mummy has a very suspicious mind when it comes to Me and Nellie.  She is forever watching Us out of the window to see what We are doing.  Me and Nellie do not understand.  Are we not the best behaved maremmas in the land.  We are not naughty.  Well, not very often.  Mummy is especially suspicious when she sees Me and Nellie sitting down on our play lawn.  She thinks we have something We shouldn’t have.  Funny enough most of the time she is right.  Why just this morning she spied Nellie with something in her mouth, sitting on our play lawn and when  she went out to see what Nellie had and  she discovered Nellie had pinched a soft toy out of our sister’s room.  She said Nellie was a bad dog and picked it up and took the toy away.  Mummy never yells at Nellie, like she does at Me.  She says that if she yells at Nellie, Nellie gets upset and tries to hide in the garden behind a tree.  Off We go.  There is someone over at the neighbour’s cottage and We must remind them that We are here watching them.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two best maremmas in the land.

Nellie looking adorable

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