Who is the birthday boy?


Me looking so cute

Greetings loyal readers.  For today is an auspicious occasion.  For today it is my birthday and I am a grown up dog.  I am two years old today.  My family are going to give me a special treat tonight, though if you listen to mummy she says every day is a special day for Me and Nellie.  My family were saying how I was such an adorable little puppy as you can see from these photos.  I was so small that I could not even climb up the step to get on the deck.  Imagine that!  I was such a naughty puppy as loyal readers will know.  I liked to chew lots of things including my sister’s homework.  I had lots of toys to play with but I kept losing them in the garden.   At night there has been a strange bird keeping Me and Nellie awake.  Mummy says it is a peacock and that it is the last thing she would want in her garden.  She says she has enough trouble keeping the garden looking nice with 12 marauding chickens and Me and Nellie rampaging through her herbaceous boarders.   She was telling daddy about her work Christmas party which is going to be held at our place.  Oh goody.  I like have people around to adore Me and telling Me that I am the best maremma in the land.  Love Jasper the birthday boy and Nellie. 

Adorable!!! Is all you can say

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One Response to Who is the birthday boy?

  1. Ninnie, AKA Woollie or Blondie says:

    Happy Birthday Jasper, hello Nellie! Very special day, make sure you get lots of attention, admiration and special treats!
    Off to work I go, in a hurry, bye, Ninnie.

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