Go away Jasper

Me being naughty and jumping on the couch.

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Today I went visiting my family around the place.  I went to see my mummy who was cleaning out the rabbit cage.  She said “Go away Jasper.  You are being a nuisance and get your head out of the rubbish bin”.   So I went away.  I went to see my auntie who was cleaning the bathroom.  She said “Go away Jasper.  Get out of the bathroom.  You know you are not allowed to be here with your dirty paws”.  So I went to see my brother who was playing on his computer in the living room..  He said “Go away Jasper. You are being naughty”.  So I went to see my daddy who was mowing the lawns.  He said “Go away Jasper you are in my way, you great furry lump”.  So I went away.  Me and Nellie went for a walkabout to the wool shed instead.   Then mummy said “Where are Jasper and Nellie?”  No one could find Me and Nellie.  They looked around the garden and could not see our gleaming white fur.  They started to get worried. Where could we be? Then our brother saw a flash of white in the front paddock. Nellie had wriggled under a gap in the fence and I was able to follow her. We had a wonderful time frolicking in the long spring grass. Love Jasper and Nellie from the sunny Mangamahu Valley.

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