Being Ignored

Nellie looking sad.

Greeting loyal readers.  Last night my family hosted mummy’s work colleagues from the museum for their end of year function.  Were Me and Nellie there to join in the celebration? No, we were not.  We had been taken out and tied up to fence posts in the paddock and abandoned.  The indignity of it all!!  How can this be?  We should have been there to get the love and attention that we so richly deserve.  Not to mention all those tasty treats that might have appeared for Us to snack on. After all are we not the best behavioured mareemas in the land? And what is more We did not get our evening dinner to late in the night.  This is not fair and Me and Nellie were most upset.  We had to bark and bark and bark some more to remind our family and guests that We were here and needing the attention that is fitting for Me and Nellie.   Needless to say We were most grumpy last night.  Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in the land.


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