Grubby Nellie

Greetings Loyal Readers and Fellow maremmas.  Our Mummy was telling Us that We have 27 followers of our blog.  On behalf of Me and Nellie We would like to thank you for all your loyal support and if anyone else wants to join Us on the internet, please feel free to do so.

Nellie after I had flung lots of dirt at her!!

Do you like the photos of Nellie? Mummy could not work out how Nellie was getting so filthy until one morning she looked out the kitchen window and saw me digging a hole in the dirt underneath the robina tree in the garden.  As I was furiously digging away I was scattering earth all over the place and some of the dirt was settling on Nellie and sticking to her gleaming white fur.  Now that mystery is solved Me and Nellie are still on the case of where is Bubba.  The other cows have been back from their holiday in Farmer Rae’s orchard for ages but Bubba has yet to return.  Then We overheard Daddy telling Mummy that we will be having a Bubba-que this weekend.  Me and Nellie are confused. What is a Bubba-que?  But never fear Me and Nellie will get to the bottom of this mystery.  Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest Maremmas in the land.

Nellie looking lovey white and clean

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2 Responses to Grubby Nellie

  1. We iz love your blog. And we iz totally understanding of your issues with visitors, boundaries.. we iz have the same. Only on this one, iz me, The Great Mo, who iz dirty. Miss Jelly iz love her fur to be white and clean.

    Satchmo & Jelly from Southern Tasmania, where we terrorise (no, enhance greatly) the neighbourhood

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Greetings oh fellow maremmas. Yes, we do have issues with visitors and neighbours and need to bark to let them know we are here and watching them but that is because we are trying to be good maremmas. Though if you listern to our mummy she would say that We are very trying, all the time. Love Nellie and Jasper who have to go as it is close to their evening dinner time and We must be prepared.

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