Working dogs

Nellie having a snooze of the kitchen floor.

Greetings fellow maremmas and loyal readers.   Sometimes when Mummy is driving home from work she comes across working dogs moving stock from one paddock to another.  Me and Nellie do not like the idea of being a working dog. There are around 200,000 working dogs in New Zealand and they often run up to 100 km per day.  They only get one dinner a day.  Imagine that!! Even though maremma’s are bred to be working as a livestock guard dog Me and Nellie would not like to be a working dog.  For working dogs have to sleep outside and Me and Nellie like to sleep on our nice warm beds inside, preferably with the fire on if it is cold.  Working dogs travel on the backs of motor bikes and Me and Nellie would not like this as we would get motion sickness.  Me and Nellie prefer to be pet dogs guarding our family flock.  Mummy was saying the the sunny Mangamahu valley was once world famous for its dog trials.  Love Nellie and Jasper the most famous maremmas in Mangamahu.

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