A slip down the road

The slip at the cutting

Greetings loyal readers.  Mummy was telling Us that she nearly didn’t make it to work this morning because as she came around the corner at McCain’s cutting the road was blocked.  There had already been two little slips at the cutting this week but this one was by far the largest.  Thankfully, a digger and two dump trucks were already and a very muddy path had been made between the slip and the river.  Mummy said if she had known there was a slip she would have taken the 4 x 4 vehicle into work instead of the stationwagen.   Needless to say she made it through.  The digger driver told mummy that he thinks that there will more slips there before too long.  Me and Nellie hope not because our family might run out of dog roll and there would be none for our dinner.  Imagine that!!!  We would have to eat dog biscuits.  The tradegy of it all.  Love Nellie and Jasper who are waiting for their dinner to appear.

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