Rotten Eggs

Our house taken early one morning

Greetings loyal readers. Me and Nellie were out in the garden helping mummy. She was dead-heading her roses and We were rampaging through the garden beds with our ususal subtley. Mummy and daddy have long suspected that those pesky chickens have been laying eggs in the garden but they have not found where, so far. Well this morning mummy found a group of 4 eggs tucked in behind a rose bush in the far corner of the garden. She told daddy who got them and as they could not work out how long the eggs had been there they decided that Me and Nellie could have them to eat. They had been out in the sun so long that they were just about hard-boiled and they smelt funny. No thanks daddy. Not even Me and Nellie would eat rotten eggs. We sniffed them and went away. Daddy said that was not like Us, who like to eat disgusting things. Off Me and Nellie go as we think someone is over at the woolshed and We have to go and let them know We are watching them. Love Nellie and Jasper.

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