What I really hear

Me sitting on my bed. Aren't I such a good dog.

Greeting loyal followers. My family were discussing my apparent inability to hear and understand what is being said to Me.  I am very good at understanding “sit” when there is a chance of a tasty treat or my dinner is about to be served.  However, I am not so good at understanding such statements as “come inside Jasper and sit on your bed”.  I am sure what is really being said is “come inside Jasper and have a patrol of the kitchen and then sit on the carpet with your muddy paws and of course I won’t tell you off”.  Somehow my family think my understanding is all wrong.  Maremmas are well known for being cloth-eared dogs.  When mummy first heard this statement she did not understand it, but Me and Nellie soon taught her exactly what it meant.  It means that We will totally and utterly be selective about any commands you give us. Commands to Maremmas are interpreted as: “I will think about it and if there is nothing better in the offering I might do as you ask if I can be bothered”. This does not mean we are disobedient. Our breeding and traditional work guarding sheep high in the Italian Alps makes us free-spirited and independent. We don’t need people bossing about all the time to get our work done. However, if there is a tasty treat about we will do almost anything.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

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