Seasons Greetings

Me with a silly reindeer antlers

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremma.    Soon it will be Christmas and Me and Nellie will be celebrating the festive occasion with our family.   My sister has put up a Christmas tree and there are even some presents under the tree, though none of them smell very interesting to a maremma’s nose.   What would Me and Nellie like for Christmas?  Nicer biscuits for one thing.  Daddy brought these dog biscuits and they are not our usual flavour and We do not like them one little bit.  Sometimes it takes Us hours to eat our breakfast and it is only until those pesky chickens are let out and are pecking at our biscuits that We find enough focus to finish eating our biscuits. So, hopefully Father Christmas will bring us a packet of biscuits We like.

Nellie in the garden

We would like rides in the car to cease as loyal readers know Me and Nellie do not like them.  Nellie would like not to be yelled at.  She does not like to be told off, like yesterday afternoon when Mummy came home and asked where Nellie was.  Daddy said she was out hiding in the garden because she had been caught digging a rather large hole in the gravel driveway and had been told off most severely.  Nellie does not like hearing raised voices, especially directed towards her. Me on the other hand am so used to being yelled at that I take no notice whatsoever.  My silly family tried to put some ridiculous reindeer antlers on Me and Nellie but We were too clever for them and shook them off before any incriminating photos could be taken.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellow maremmas and loyal followers.  Love Jasper and Nellie to two best maremmas in the sunny Mangamahu Valley and will look forward to lots of blogging in 2012.

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