Nellie and the bone

Me looking sad

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Today mummy and our sister took auntie to the bus station because she is travelling to Auckland and then she is flying to Col-o-rado. Me and Nellie do not know where Col-o-rado is but mummy says it is far, far away and it is very cold there. Me and Nellie do not like being cold.  We like being warm and sit in front of the cosy fire.  Mummy says you have to fly there in an aeroplane.   Me and Nellie know all about aeroplanes for they fly over the valley in the summer time, with a man with a camera taking photographs of horticultural activity in the area. While they were in town Nellie stole my bone.  She was very cleaver about it.  The neighbours in the cottage next door are building a large fence so they can not see Me and Nellie.  Nellie rushed down to the fence and started barking, so in the spirit of maremma unity I joined her and had a lovely barkathon at the neighbours.  As I was getting into the swing of things Nellie rushed back and took my bone away.  She would not let Me have it back.  I am sad. Please give Me back my bone Nellie.  Love Jasper and naughty Nellie the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

The muddy path on the lawn We use to run to bark at the neighbours

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