Intruder alert

See the dangerous hedgehog

Greetings fellow maremmas.  Today Me and Nellie demonstrated our maremma prowess.  We fiercely alerted our family to the danger of a Hedgehog intruder daring to walk down our driveway.  It started with Nellie barking and barking.  Daddy was getting annoyed with her and came out to see what she was barking at and there in the middle of the driveway was a dangerous hedgehog.  He started to laugh at Me and Nellie and then when inside to get his camera.  As you can see from the photos the hedgehog is very menacing.  I do not see why Daddy was laughing and Me and Nellie.  After all were we not protecting our flock from danger.  He took the hedgehog and put it underneath the house, awy from Me and Nellie.  Hopefully mummy can work out how to down load more than two photos so you can see Us defending our territory from the menacing hedgehog. Love Nellie and Jasper the two bravest maremmas in the land.

Come out and play Mr Hedgehog






Where had the hedgehog gone?






Me and Nellie

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6 Responses to Intruder alert

  1. We don’t have hedgehogs here in Queensland, Australia but do have to protect our human flock from savage cane toads! It took Rosamond hours of barking in the middle of the other night before Daddy came to check out the problem. Just as well he did as they are poisonous and disgusting. Hedgehogs look cute. Woof.

  2. carol gunn says:

    Jasper you and Nellie are very brave Maremmas. We here at Balagan farm do not see many hedgehogs, but they look very dangerous. All prickly. There are five of us. Sharn, Sophie, Itai Sparticus and Isabella. We bark at the cyclists that dare to come down our road.

    • ehamblyn says:

      Greetings. Me and Nellie like to bark at passing cyclists because they need to know that Me and Nellie are here and that they should stop and admire Us and give Us the love and attention that we so richly deserve. But they never seem to stop and this makes Me and Nellie very sad.

      • carol gunn says:

        To Jasper and Nellie, we Maremmas at Balagan farm never thought that the cyclists should stop, but we do love people to come and admire us, so maybe that would be a wonderful idea. We are very excited about this coming Saturday, as our Mum, Carol, has planned a Maremma day in our honour and we will get to see lots of our relations and thier Mums and Dads too. It would be great to meet both you and Nellie, so if you are anywhere near Tauranga, come and visit us. You can finds us by going onto our web page and getting our address there. Our web page is www Balagan Kennels. Our big brother Michael does all the computor stuff for our Mum. He is very good at it. He has two of our Maremma relations living with him and Rex was on channel one new with Michael some time back. So nice talking to you and our Mum loves reading your blog. Regards Sharna, Sophie, Itai, Sparticus and Isabella. p.s. we also have a black huntaway called Sox living with us. She is pretty good for a black dog.

  3. Hedgehogs are scary!!!! We came across one in the park once and all we wanted to do was sniff it, but whenever we got close our noses would get pricked! *Eek* And after that we quivering while trying to get close to it without it pricking us again!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  4. Echo & Link says:

    Hi guys, great to hear your hedgehog story !! This things are scary and it’s important to make sure our territory is safe !
    Woos of love.

    Echo & Link

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