Anniversary of my arrival with my family

I was so little I couldn't even climb up the step to get on the deck.

Greetings loyal readers.  For today is an auspicious day.  For today my family have had Me for two years.  Imagine their lives without Me.  Mummy says she could quite easily imagine life without Me. She could imagine that there would be no holes in the driveway, lawn or the garden.  She would not be tripping over lovely fermenting bones that We leave lying around in the garden.  There would not be mountains of snowy white fur all over the floor.  Nor would there be a trail of muddy paw prints on clean tiled kitchen floor.  She would not have to say “get out of my way you great furry lump” or “get your head out of the rabbit cage”.  My family life would not be as rich and fulfilling as it is now without Me in their lives.  As you can see from the photos how I was such a cute and adorable puppy. How could anyone resist getting Me?.  My family found Me on a place called Trademe.  They travelled to Palmerston North to get Me.  My mummy said she really wanted a Yorkshire terrier.  Surely you jest mummy.  No sooner than she got Me she wanted another one.  But my family waited until they found Nellie.  Nellie has been a naughty dog and mummy caught her taking ornaments off the Christmas tree.  Mummy and Daddy never yell at Nellie, like they yell at Me.  Mummy just tells Nellie that she has been a naughty dog and that she is not displaying good dog behaviour.  That is not what my family say to Me.  Love Nellie and Jasper who must rush off because We think the hedgehog has come out to play. 

Me asleep next to the wood burner







Cuteness personified

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2 Responses to Anniversary of my arrival with my family

  1. Aren’t you just the most adorable ball of white fluff! 🙂 Our human still oves the awkwardness of Great Dane puppies though. Have you guys ever met a Dane puppy for real?

    O good luck with the hedgehog! :p

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Me and Nellie live very sheltered lives because we live out in the countryside and we don’t get out much because of our cronic car sickness, so we don’t met many other dogs. But I did met a pig once and that terrifed Me so much that I never want to met another one again. Me and Nellie found another hedgehog this morning and We had to bark so loudly and let mummy know that there was danger lurking. She came out and told us not to be so silly and she carefully put the little hedgehog back underneath the house. Hope you get better soon Jasper. Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

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