Party time

Me and Nellie on guard

Greeting loyal readers.  Me and Nellie have been very busy.  Our family have lots of people to stay and last night they had a big party.  It was so much fun for Me.  But they were so busy socialising that our family forgot to give Me and Nellie our morning dinner and it was not until daddy asked mummy in the late afternoon if she had fed Me and Nellie that they realised that they had not fed Us.  Shame on them.  All those people there to adore Me and pat Me and tell Me that I am the bestest little horse that they have met.   They all think that I am the size of a small horse.  Mummy says that is not true.  She says I am a little dog.  Nellie does not like having people to stay.  She is such a good maremma and has to bark all the time and warn our family that there are strangers around.  She has been naughty and was growling at our guests.  Daddy tells her not to be so silly and that everyone is our friend.  But Nellie is not too sure.  I am glad to say that Nellie is getting better and she allowed some of our guests to pat her.   Mummy is happy because one of our guests gave her a CD with lots of country music on it and now she has over 1,000 songs on her MP3 player. She says she is getting an appreciation of Hank Williams Jnr.  Fortunately, she was not get worked out how to run the MP3 player through the stero so she is not able to share her taste in music with Me and Nellie.  Off we go as some of the guests are awaking and Me and Nellie have to be there to greet them and it time for our morning dinner and hopefully someone will remember to feed Us.

Me getting the love I so richly deserve

Dinner but none for Me and Nellie

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