An accident

You can see the tyre marks Jasper's leg.

Hello loyal followers of Jasper’s blog.  It’s Jasper’s mummy here.  I am afraid to say that Jasper has had an accident.  He was run over this morning by a four-wheeled drive car and trailer outside our house. He was naughty and got out of the property and was chasing a car.  He dragged under both the car and trailer.  You will be glad to know that after an emergency trip to the vet (on a public holiday, so you can imagine how much the vet bill is) he has been pronounced as being OK.  We were all very worried about him.  As you can see from the photos he did not look very well.  There is a lot of grazing around his groin and he had a few stitches to close up the cuts on his legs.  He lost half a front tooth. But for the for grace of god it could have been a lot worse and our family would have been devastated if anything had happened to Jasper because we all love him dearly.  He is such a good dog, so think of Jasper and hopefully he will be back to his usual self soon.  Love Jasper’s mummy

Asleep on the floor at the vet

Japser just before the vet gave him drugs to make him go to sleep

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8 Responses to An accident

  1. Dear Jasper- what terrible news!!

    We are so glad you are ok, albeit a little bruised, scraped and dirtied up. We know how much you mean to your family – even if they ‘pretend’ to be cross at your big wonderful Maremma-ish self when you do normal things like dig, bark and eat all their steak – it is clear they know they are actually most privileged to have you living with them… get better soon and all our love over the ocean,
    love Freya, Rosamond and their humans

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Hi. It’s Jasper’s mummy here. Thank you for your kind comments. We are missing him already. He has been sleeping on Nellie’s bed in the sunshine this afternoon. It has been really quite. I miss being followed around the garden and Farmer Rae moved his cows into part of his paddock that backs onto our garden. Normally this action would have been greeted with a frenzy of barking that you would think first contact was about to take place in Farmer Rae’s paddock or the four horseman on the apocalypse had put in an appearance, so it is very quite here.

  3. O gosh what a horrible thing to happen!!! We are so glad to hear our friend Jasper is OK, apart from a few stitches and being a bit rattled up! We are sure he will bounce back pretty quickly, us dogs are very hardy creatures 🙂

    I, Lexi got hit by a car once. I was naughty and jumped out of the car before I was told and my face got run over by a car. I suffered a broken jaw, once all the adrenaline left my system I slept for about two days and then thought I was back to normal…even though I had to be fed blended food for the next 6 weeks! *Humph*

    Get well soon Jasper, and don’t go chasing cars again OK 😉

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jaspr the Danes

  4. Ninnie (aka Woolie or Blondie) says:

    Please be well Jasper, you have become very important to us. You are in our thoughts, and we’re sending you lots of love and well-wishes.

    Ninnie, Pip, and family.

  5. ehamblyn says:

    Again thank you for your kind thoughts aboutJasper. He has moved around this afternoon and seems to be a bit brighter. We miss him.

  6. Julie Clark says:

    What a terrible accident for Jasper- and I see he had to wear a muzzle at the vet= the indignityes never stop! Perhaps car won’t be as attractive to chase anymore…………get weel quickly. Jasper

  7. carol gunn says:

    All us dogs at Balagan kennels wish you a very speeedy recovery Jasper. We look forward to reading your thoughts on your accident and not just those of your Mummy??!! Our pal Sox got run over once many years ago, but the vets are very good at fixing up broken bones. She has a steel pin in her leg and she in now 11 years old. She could still jump gates for many year after her accident, but she is too old to jump now. I am sure you will be back to normal soon, but don’t chase anymore cars. They are a bit nasty if you hit them and you cant get a good bite in,
    as they go too fast.

  8. Ninnie (aka Woolie or Blondie) says:

    Hey Jasper, Me again, Ninnie. Just letting you know that Me, Pip and even Kitten have been thinking of you and sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Hope you and your faithful human family and of course Nellie didn’t have too uncomfortable a night. Also hope there is someone at home to look after you during the day. My uncle says he’d come over and help look after you, but Queensland is a little too far away. Difficult worrying time for all your family, we continue to send you all our best thoughts and wishes.


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