Digging Away…..

Me hard at work

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  As loyal readers will know mummy has a large garden and she enjoys being out in the garden and pottering around and as Me and Nellie are good maremmas we like to be with her when she is outside.  As Me and Nellie are such good dogs we like to help mummy in the garden and we do it this way – by digging.  For some reasons mummy does not appreciate all our hard work.  She says things like “stop doing that you naughty dog” and “what do you think you are doing you &^%^$@# dog.  Me thinks that might be a naughty word. Funny thing is she uses lots of naughty words when she is talking to Me.  Don’t know why.  Am I not the bestest maremma in all the land.  As you can see from the photos how hardworking I am when I am digging.  Off We go because it is time to do our morning patrol of the garden.  You never know what you might find and then it will be time for our early morning nap.   Love Jasper and Nellie.

Nellie getting dirty

Nellie looking adorable

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1 Response to Digging Away…..

  1. Clowie says:

    Your work looks brilliant! I can’t imagine why they don’t appreciate it.

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