A heartfelt thanks from Me

Greetings loyal readers.  I am still too traumatized to talk of the accident.  I am very thankful and grateful for all your kind comments and thoughts.  I have been very subdued over the last 24 hours but my mummy was gladden to see two white waving tails in the driveway to greet her when she got home from work this evening. My sister, who wants to be a doctor is practising her doctoring skill on Me so I am in good hands.   My only concern is this strange, small white thing that has been appearing in the food I have been given.  I was allowed some cheese this morning and this white thing was in the middle of the cheese but I was cleaver and spat it out.  I did not like it. Mummy then let Me have some salami and I think, upon reflection that the small white object might have been in the middle of the salami.  Very odd.  I am getting my appetite back and tonight I wolfed down my evening dinner with my usual vigour.  I did not see any small white things in there but I was so hungry that even if it was there I was so greedy that I would not have seen it.   Off I go to have a little rest.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

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6 Responses to A heartfelt thanks from Me

  1. Dear Jasper
    What on earth could that strange white thing be??? Surely the humans would not try to trick you at a time like this? At least they have the good sense to allow all those normally “forbidden treats” in this time of convalescence. (We don’t see the humans denying themselves such treats very often, do we?)
    We are so very happy to see you are up to typing again, it is a very good sign when one has such big paws to be able to be so dexterous,
    love to you and Nellie and keep getting better quickly
    Freya and Rosamond

  2. carol gunn says:

    Dear Jasper, we from Balagan Kennels are so glad to see you back on your blog again. We understand about the small white things too. It is quite a trick to be able to eat the food and then spit out the white thing. This is the one time you can get all the treat you desire. Hope you are soon back to your old self. from Sharna Sophie, Issy, Itai, Sparticus and of course the black one that we love, Sox.

  3. Lynne Mitchell says:

    Hi Jasper, good that you are hungry again. Yup there is quite a knack to eating the food and spitting out the foul tasting white things. I got really good at it when my mum tried to feed me them twice a day for four whole weeks!! Chew every seemingly tasty morsel carefully, and work the white thing forward to the front teeth, swallow the tasty bit and then spit the white thing across the kitchen floor. Love from your Maremma buddies Ruth and Ridge.

  4. Judith Hamblyn says:

    Hello Jasper. I was sad to hear about your accident. I hope you are feeling better soon and that mummy and daddy are giving you lots of yummy treats. I think you deserve a nice piece of steak. Get well soon, your loving Auntie.

  5. You get your white things put in a tasty treat!!!! I’m sure we are being short changed, if we have to have little white thing we get them shoved down aour throat and given a treat AFTER!! :O

    Hmmm mind you, we are very clever and won’t even take a treat that has a white thing in it 😉

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. Brian Lyall says:

    Ask mum to provide more bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

    Thinking of you, your Manawatu maremma brothers

    Kyle, Magic and Ricky

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