I am better

Me recovering nicely

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  I am better.  My mummy says I am not out of the woods yet and there is still a risk of my skin and flesh rotting and falling off due to the serve bruising I received when I was run over by the trailer but nevertheless I am feeling much more like my ususal self.  For today I even indulged in a little diggy dog digging and dug some more holes in mummy’s lawn.  She did not say anything when she saw the holes.  Normally she would would have muttered something about bad maremma behaviour but today she just walked away.  The vet said I was not allowed to run around too much so mummy is keeping Me close to her. The upshot of this is Me and Nellie are allowed in parts of the house we are not normally allowed in. I have been allowed in to the study and have been allowed to sleep under the desk in the study.  Such a comfortable place.  My sister was naughty and was teaching Nellie about how soft and warm beds are.  She did say that when daddy gets home next week We will not be allowed to be in the bed rooms again but in the mean time Me and Nellie will enjoy our new life of luxuary.  Love Jasper and Nellie who are off to have a little snooze after our morning dinner.  I must tell you all out there in maremma land about this white object that is still appearing in my dinner.

Nellie being naughty with a shoe

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One Response to I am better

  1. Ninnie, AKA Woollie or Blondie says:

    Yay! Good news! Uncle in a hurry, off to work (always in a hurry, these humans). Continuing well wishes from Ninnie.

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