That peasky white object

Me before the accident looking very annoyed because no one would let Me inside

Greeting loyal readers and followers.  I am feeling much better.  Thank you all for your kind comments about my posts on my blog.  That peasky white object has been appearing in my dinner again.  First it was in a piece of steak and I didn’t notice it until it fell out on the deck.  As you can guess I did not eat it. Then it appeared in a piece of salami.  A while later that peasky white thing appeared in my dog roll and as you can guess again I did not eat it.  Aren’t I such a cleaver maremma.  My life now is being refeered to as pre-accident and post accident.

Today is the 60th annual Mangamahu Horse sports show and my family are going to go and have a look.  All morning lots of horse floats have been passing by our house.  Me and Nellie have been so good and we have not barked at any of them. Mummy says I still can’t be feeling 100% because normally We would have chased them all away.  You can read all about it on the following link.

My sister is busy transferring over 3,000 photo she has taken onto her new drive that she got from Father Christmas.  Me and Nellie didn’t get anything from Father Christmas but mummy says every day in our lives is a christmas day because we have such a good life.  Off Me and Nellie go.  Daddy will be home soon and We must be at the gate to greet him.

Me under the desk in the study. A place I would NEVER have been able to sleep before the accident.

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