Shut the gate

A cow under the apple tree in the orchard

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremma.  Today our brother got a lesson in one of the basics of country living.  Shut the gate after you.  When him and mummy got home from work there in the orchard, along with the chicken who were wanting their dinner were three cows.  Brother had left the gate fron the kitchen garden to the cow paddock open this morning and the three cows had wandered through to the house garden and orchard during the day and were making themselves at home eating apples off the apple tree. Needless to say it took mummy and brother sometime to get the cows back to their rightful paddock.  Of course Me and Nellie were of great help and assistance.  We helped chasing the cows all over the section.   Today auntie rung mummy from Istanbul.  Again Me and Nellie do not know of where this place is but mummy says that it is far, far away and it would be too hot for Us.  Off Me and Nellie go as it is time for our evening snooze in front of the TV in order to prepare Us for our evening nap.

Naughty cows in the kitchen garden





Oscar and Forest on the driveway

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One Response to Shut the gate

  1. O those cheeky cows coming and munching on your humans apples!

    You guys should be glad it wasn’ your kibble :p *Hee! Hee!*

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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