My urban adventure

Me on the deck

Greetings loyal readers.  Today I had an adventure.  I had to go back to the VET!!! for the removal of my staples.  I was such a good dog.  Then I went for a walk down to the river market.  People stopped and admired Me as they should. It is fitting and correct that I am admired, after all am I not the most handsome maremma around.  Daddy said I was so good and well-behaved.  You can read about river traders in the following link:

Then I went to see my brother at school and daddy left me there so he could go and get some groceries.  Most important that he goes and get some more dog food for Me and Nellie.  While I was at school more people came and patted Me and said I was so cute and adorable.  A girl said she thought I looked like a wolf.  That is not right.  I look like a polar bear.  Everyone knows that.  It was such a good day that Daddy said he thought maybe next week Me and Nellie could go to the beach.  I have been there before and it is such fun.  Unfortunately no one remembered to take any photos of my triumphant day in town. Mummy is trying to take photos of the native wood pigeons that live around the house but they are too quick and fly away before she can get the camera out.  Mummy is feeling very sorry for herself as she got stung by two wasps yesterday and her arms have swollen. Nothing too serious but nevertheless she is feeling very sore.  Off Me and Nellie go.  It is very warm and we need to have a rest on the cool tile floor in the kitchen.  Love Nellie and Jasper.

Forest eating a grapefruit







Me having a good old sniff out in the paddock








Me and Nellie supervising mummy in the garden

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One Response to My urban adventure

  1. O you are a lucky boy Jasper! You centainly deserve HEAPS of attention because you are so gorgeous 🙂

    We love going to the markets with our humans, we get to meet al sorts of people and smell all the delicious smells!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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