Scence of the Crime revisited

Nellie hiding in the garden after being told off.

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  You might have noticed that Me and Nellie have not posted any blog for a day or two.  It is because We have been on such good behaviour that mummy has not had anything to write about. We have not chased any chickens or put our heads in the rabbit cage.  We have not gone for any walkabouts over to Farmer Rae’s paddocks. We were big and brave and chased away the dangerous top dressing plane that was flying over.  All in all We have been such good maremmas.  And then yesterday happened.  Daddy was telling mummy when she got home from work how he had decided to make himself a steak sandwich for lunch.  He got the steak out of the freezer and had left it on the kitchen bench.  Well, he got distracted making himself a cup of tea and he turned around there was a white mareema with paws on the bench just finishing off his steak.  And guess what fellow maremmas it was not ME.  It was Nellie. For some reason Nellie didn’t get told off as I do.  Daddy just told her she was a naughty dog and to go to her bed.  When I got caught eating my brother’s steak I got tied up and went without my breakfast.  It is not fair.  You can read by my naughty behaviour in the following blog.

Off Me and Nellie go.  We think those peasky chickens might be trying to eat our morning dinner and We must be there to protect our biscuits. Love Nellie and Jasper.

Me looking my usual adorable self

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One Response to Scence of the Crime revisited

  1. Dear Jasper and Nellie,
    we overheard our Mummy mentioning to our Daddy how she hadn’t heard from you for awhile. She will be most glad to know that it isn’t because anything bad has happened (again!), just good behaviour and good steak eating.
    A few weeks ago Rosamond took a leaf out of your New Zealand bush and when no one was looking helped herself to one of the big pieces of rump a visitor had bought up to our home in the mountains. Unfortunately, the humans caught on to the situation before she could procure the remaining three. A shame, but we shall both continue to emulate your greatest victory Jasper of the time you ate FOUR JUICY STEAKS!
    In an attempt to rectify her losses,the following week Rosamond did also manage to eat some tasty pieces of chicken that silly Grandma left on the bench at snout height. Surely it was meant for her or why else would Grandma have left it so easily in reach, even if she did only turn away for a minute?
    After all, as we all know, Maremmas are brave, smart and very observant. And deserved of only the best.
    All our white furry love and paws of joy across the ocean,
    Freya and Rosamond.

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