The Great Protector

Me in the garden guarding mummy

Greetings loyal readers.  As I have said before it has been very quiet at home.  Daddy is in Wellington.  Sister and brother are at school and mummy is at work.  Our auntie is coming home from Ro-man-nia today.  Me and Nellie do not know where this place is but mummy says it is cold and far, far away.  When our family are out for the day they put Me and Nellie in the old grass tennis court.  It is like a giant play pen.  From there Me and Nellie can keep an eye on Farmer Rae and also the cows.  Mummy was glad to find her pink gardening shoes in the tennis court.  She had been missing them for a couple of days and had wondered where they had got to.  She did ask Nellie if she knew where they had possibly got to, but Nellie just looked adorable and wagged her tail. If, the gate to the tennis court is not securely shut Nellie is clever and can wiggle her way out.  I cannot because I am too big.  It is not fair that Nellie gets to run around free and I am trapped in the tennis court.  I am always happy to see my family at the end of the day. Mummy was telling Me and Nellie that there is discussion in the maremma community about how maremmas have to protect their flocks.  It is true and fitting and proper that We maremmas have to look after and guide our flock.  In my case my flock is my mummy and I HAVE to be with her at all times.  Sometimes she does not want Me and shuts Me out of the house.  When this happens I have to sit on the deck and make pathetic wimpering sounds until someone comes and lets me inside.  At night I have to bark to warn mummy that there is danger out there.  When mummy is out in the garden I have to be with her at all times.  Sometimes this is not easy especially when it is hot and she is moving around the garden doing things. I have to get up and move with her.  Sometimes I wish she would stay in one place long enough for Me to have a little snooze.   Sometimes I help her by indulging in a little diggy dog digging myself.  For some reason I always seem to get told off.  I do not understand why.  Am I not a helpful little dog. Nellie comes out sometimes but she likes to stay inside where it is nice and cool and snooze on kitchen tile floor.   Off I go as Me and Nellie think there is someone over at the cottage and We must let them know We are there watching them. Love Nellie and Jasper

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