Return to puppydom

Me with my blue squeaky toy

Greetings loyal readers After my traumatic accident I am celebrating life with a return to puppydom. The other day my Mummy bought me two squeaky toys. Oh the joy of new toys! I chew them and they squeak back to me. I love the squeaking so much that I chew them all the time, even when I go to bed much to the annoyance of my Auntie because she is recovering from jet lag after her big ski trip to Russia, Iran and Romania and needs her sleep at the moment. I did a great deed for Nellie the other day. Our Auntie gave us our breakfast biscuits but Nellie did not eat hers straight away, Then our Auntie let the chickens out and the chickens started to eat Nellie’s biscuits! Well I just had to intervene. I ate Nellie’s biscuits so the marauding chickens would not get them. I am sure Nellie was pleased about this even though she probably went a little hungry all day. Well, off we go to enjoy the sunshine and my new squeaky toys. Love Jasper and Nellie.

Nellie and Me with my toy

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