Giant pumpkins and other things.

Giant pumpkin

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Mummy is participating in the Mangamahu Giant pumpkin growing competition. She has three very large pumpkins growing in the house garden. She once read in a book called Farmer Boy by Laura Ingllas Wilder which described Almanzo growing a giant pumpkin by feeding it milk. She thought she would try it out, but she didn’t count on Nellie drinking all the milk put out for the pumpkins before they could absorbe the milk. Needless, to say she didn’t yell at Nellie as much as she would have done if it had been  Me who had drunk all the milk. Daddy brought mummy something called a kindle from a place called Amazon. Me and Nellie do know what where amazon is but mummy says it is a big place far, far away. She says she likes using this kindle to read books. She is reading a biography of the Churchill family at the moment and then she wants to read a biograhpy of Bess of Harwick.  Mummy says on the Maremma trademe community they are talking about naughty maremms leaping onto furniture.  As loyal readers will know I never would dream of being on the furniture.  Yeah right says our mummy.  For some reason she does not believe Me.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two besest maremmas in the land.

Me and Nellie having a rest

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2 Responses to Giant pumpkins and other things.

  1. Ninnie (aka Woolie or Blondie) says:

    Hey Jasper and Nellie, it’s ME, Ninnie! I finally convinced my uncle I had some important net-woofing to do, and got him to sit down at the keyboard. Can’t wait for the day somebody invents a doggie keyboard with paw-sized keys so us Maremmas can do our own net-woofing and won’t have to rely on a human interpreter anymore, because I think a lot gets lost in translation. After all, not many humans speak Dog fluently.

    Anyway, first of all I wanted to say how happy we all are here to see you are back to your old mischievous self after your fight with that awful car Jasper. Little tell-tale bare patches on your front legs from your visits to That Vet are almost gone. Have I mentioned before how much we always enjoy your and Nellie’s photos? Like the ones with the squeaky toy. My uncle says he picked up a squeaky doggy toy in a shop a week ago, but thought better of it, whatever that means. All I know is he didn’t bring it home for me. Maybe your auntie understands. And good on you Jasper for keeping those pesky chickens from eating Nellie’s breakfast by eating it yourself, I just know she was very happy about that. And we loved the photo of Jasper the Great Protector guarding mummy in the garden- what a handsome and fearsome looking boy! And the one of the two of you lying down with those beautiful Maremma smiles, supervising mummy in the garden. (My urban adventure).

    I was very pleased to hear that you both do not get growled at too much when your human family think you have done something you shouldn’t have. Of course anything left within reach of us Maremmas is fair game, and its up to us to decide the best action to take. A steak left within reach is a no-brainer, instinct tells us it must be eaten immediately. And as for digging doggy holes in the garden, or chewing on things humans think are not doggy toys, or wriggling under or through silly fences that stop us doing our Maremma job of protecting our family and our family’s property properly … we just do what instinct tells us we have to do, we live in the moment. It is humans who have the brain to anticipate what may happen, and so whatever happens is their responsibility.

    Me and my sis Pip don’t really know what a human brain is, but we think it must have something to do with making simple and natural things really complicated, so they can then have a sort of game trying to figure it all out. Me and Pip don’t do complicated, we like things simple. Food, walks, sleep, walks, nap, walks, playtime, walks, sleep, walks, swim, food, walks, sleep. Simple. Oh, and believe it or not, riding in cars! I get to sit in the front seat where I can see everything. I just love it!

    Off I go and have a nap now, very hot here in Queensland this week, can’t wait for autumn.


    Ninnie, the prettiest Maremma in the Queen’s land.

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Greetings Ninne. Thank you for your nice comments about Me and my wonderful behaviour. It is a great responsiblity that I have assumed to be the bestest maremma that I can. You are very right when you write that it is all my family’s fault if they leave tasty treats out for Me and Nellie to comsume. It is right and proper that We do so, afterall are we not the bestest maremmas in the land. We must dig diggy holes in mummy’s garden. We are afterall helping mummy when she is gardening. We must bark at the neighbours when they are home. We have to tell them We are here and keeping an eye on them. Just because they have built a rather high and long fence to stop them seeing us is not our problem. We are mareemas.

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