Chirpy Cheep Cheep little brown bird

Litle brown bird on the inside cloths line

Little brown bird on the inside cloths line

Greeting Loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Yesterday afternoon Me and Nellie were having a little snooze on the carpet in the living room.  As it was a warm sunny afternoon the French doors on to the deck were open.  Can you imagine our surprise when a bird flew inside and it woke Me and Nellie up. We jumped up and started chasing the little brown bird around the living room. As you can imagine with the noise of Me and Nellie cavorting and leaping around quickly got our family’s attention.  Mummy came in and asked Us what did we think we were doing.  Me and Nellie were barking at the little brown bird warning our family that there was an intruder in the house.  We were being big brave maremmas protecting our family flock.  Meanwhile, the little brown bird was happily flying around.  Mummy and brother opened the another set of  french doors and the little brown bird flew away.  Mummy said while she appreciated Me and Nellie’s concern and desire to warn our family of any potential danger she did think we over reacted somewhat.  And then this evening mummy was in the kitchen cooking dinner and when she came into the living room there was Me having a little rest on the couch.  For some reason she said I was a bad dog and I had to remove myself off the couch.  I really do not understand why?  Off Me and Nellie go.  The moon is rising and Me and Nellie have to be outside to greet it and indulge with a little moon barking.

Me and Nellie asleep after a hard day's work

Me on the couch

Me on the couch

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