Busy, Busy, Busy Maremmas

Nellie eating her dinner

Nellie eating her dinner

Greeting loyal readers from all over the world, especially our new friends in Moldavia and Iowa.  Me and Nellie have been very busy this weekend.  As readers will know Me and Nellie take very seriously our role as mareemas.  We have to protect our flock and warn strangers that We are here watching them when they approach our property. Well, Saturday We spent the day, in between our patrolling duties, rushing from one end of the property to another.  Firstly, Farmer Rae arrived with his dogs, so we had to have a little barkathon with his dogs to see who could woof the loudest.   Of course, Me and Nellie were the clear winners.  Then We had to rush over to the fence nearest the cottage because the neighbours were in their garden.  We had to woof, woof and woof some more just in case they did not know We were watching them.  For some reason it is harder to see what the neighbours are up to because they have built a large, high and long fence between Us and them .  Most perplexing.  Me and Nellie wonder why. Oh well, that is their loss.  Then neighbour Paul dared to use his driveway and We had to rush over and tell him that We knew what he was up to.  Then some cyclists came past and We had to bark at them and let them know that We were here and worthy of their attention.  For some reason, they never seem to stop and admire Me and Nellie. Oh well they do not know what they are missing out on.  After all this woofing Me and Nellie were very pleased to have some evening dinner.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two most woofest dogs in the land.

Me consuming my evening dinner with unusual vigour

Me consuming my evening dinner with unusual vigour

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