Winter is coming and maremma movie stars

Siamese maremmas

Siamese maremmas

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Mummy was telling Me and Nellie that soon day light saving will end and it will become dark earlier in the evening.  This does not concern Me and Nellie as long as We still get our evening dinner at the same time.  As loyal readers know Me and Nellie do not like being cold.  We like to lie inside in front of the fire and be toasty warm.  We do not like being in snow.  This is rather odd as maremmas are working dogs and spend a lot of time out in the paddocks looking after their charges.  Mummy has found a website with photos of maremmas in snow. It is

Ringa ringa lillies and Nadina Domestica under the robina tree

Ringa ringa lillies and Nadina Domestica under the robina tree

Mummy spent the weekend working out in garden.  She says this is a busy time of the year.  Mummy had brought some hosta plants at the auction and she spent some time splitting them up into new plants.  She says next year she will have lots of new plants to put into her garden.  As you can well imagine Me and Nellie had to help mummy by getting in her way when she was wheeling the wheel barrow to the compost bins.  We had to help her when she was planting some Nandina Domestica  plants under the Robina tree.  Me and Nellie indulged ourselves in a little diggy dog digging.  As you can imagine there was dirt flying everywhere as Me and Nellie were helping mummy.  For some reason she was not pleased with our efforts.  She said something about bad maremmas and would we stop doing what we were doing.

Me in the garden

Me in the garden

Exciting news, fellow maremmas.  Mummy was telling Us that there is a gentleman in Italy who is planning on making a documentary about us wonderful dogs.  You can go and have a look at it at the following place:
Please, tell your family about this.  It is right and proper  that the whole world knows we exist and how wonderful we all are.  Love Jasper and Nellie, who are going to be movie stars.

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2 Responses to Winter is coming and maremma movie stars

  1. Seraya says:

    Hello Nellie and Jasper, you are both too beautiful! I wish you could have met Gandhi – but you can see him here in my recent video clip. Thankyou for your blog, it is lovely to find more Maremmas making the world a beautiful place xox

  2. Ninnie (aka Woolie or Blondie) says:

    Thanks for posting that video clip Seraya, what a beautiful boy! Would have loved to have met him. And we enjoyed the accompanying music track and your web site too.

    Love Ninnie, the prettiest Maremma in the Queens’ land.

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