My blog’s anniversary

Me being most attentive

Me being most attentive

Greetings loyal readers and to my new friends from Russia welcome to my diggy doggy  world. It has been a whole year since my blog started.  Mummy thought it would be a good way to show the Tux people what a wonderful, intelligent maremma I am.  Mummy thought I would be the perfect choice to represent tux biscuits, however, there were detractors in my family.  My daddy thought one of the prerequisite would be not to have a desire to tear the camera crew from limb to limb. Such thoughts, daddy!!! I take my maremma responsibilities very seriously and I have a strong urge to protect my flock.  My inability to hear and understand commands, could  also have been a problem.  As fellow maremmas know we are well-known for being “cloth-eared”.  As maremmas, we will only do as we are told if, we think it is right and proper for us to do so and some times this may take some time before we decide to do as we have been asked.  As loyal readers know, we maremmas have been breed to think for ourselves out in the alps of Italy where we are left to defend our charges from all kinds of predators.  Here in New Zealand there are no animal predators to defend our family from, but nevertheless, Me and Nellie have to warn our family about dangers, such as hedgehogs, peacocks and Farmer Austin starting his tractor up five paddocks away.  Off Me and Nellie go.  We must go and visit our friends the cows.  Love Nellie and Jasper, who did not become the tux wonder dog.

The very first photo of Me on my blog

The very first photo of Me on my blog

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2 Responses to My blog’s anniversary

  1. b9k9 says:

    Hey Jasper, it’s Me, Ninnie. Aren’t these humans incredible? – Always in a hurry, and I’ve got so much Inter-woofing to do. Oh, never mind. For now I just want to say Happy first Doggie Blog anniversary, and thank you and Nellie so much for entertaining all us Maremma friends all over the world with your wonderful Maremmadventures. May your blog grow and grow!
    And that’s all the inter-woofing I get to do today as uncle says he has to go and look after the
    Off I go, see if I can find something to do some real woofing at …

    Love, Ninnie.

    • ninniegirl says:

      Hey Ninnie!
      It’s your mother, here!
      So, that’s what you get up to, when you’re out with uncle!
      From now on, you can inter-woof on the ‘puter here, at home, where I can supervise!
      Goodness knows, what woolly mischief, you’re getting up to?
      Looking up all the badboydogs, on, I suppose ?
      Be good, my woolly pearly girl, at the art gallery, and we’ll go to the park, when uncle brings you home.
      And much love and best wishes to Ninnie’s doggie ‘puter pals, Jasper & Nellie, and your family, well done for creating such a beautiful blog!
      J x

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