A day at the beach

Me and Nellie with daddy and brother at the water's edge

Me and Nellie with daddy and brother at the water's edge

Greeting fellow maremmas.    The CAR ride did happen.  Me and Nellie were put into the back of the four-wheel-drive and along with our family, plus auntie, off we all drove.  Me and Nellie were not happy. It was hot and the road was winding.  But good things comes to those who wait.  We were taken to the beach.  It was so exciting.  I had been to the beach when I was a little puppy, but that was months ago.   There was so much to see and do.  Our family are responsible dog owners, so they had plastic bags to clear up any doggy-do Me and Nellie might do.  They also, made sure that we were on our leads when there were people and other dogs around.   Me and Nellie sniffed and frolicked in the sand.  We did not want to go anywhere near the cold, wet water.  As loyal readers know Me and Nellie do not like water and We do not like getting our dainty paws wet.  It was a lovely, warm sunny day and Me and Nellie has so much fun, as you can see from the photos.  After all this fresh air Me and Nellie had a cool refreshing drink of water.  It was a lovely day in the sunshine and on the way home our family stopped off for an ice-cream.  The only down side was that I got car sick and even though there was a blue tarpaulin lining the back of the car, the vomit still managed to get down the into the crevasses  of the boot.  It took mummy, daddy and brother ages to clean up the doggy vomit and even now there is a lingering smell in the car of doggy vomit.  But, that is a small price to pay for such a fun day at the beach.  Off We go.  After all that fresh air Me and Nellie are very tired and need to have a pre-dinner nap.  Love Jasper and Nellie, two of the sandiest mareemas in the land.

Me and Nellie having a rest

Me and Nellie having a rest

Me sliding down a sand dune

Me sliding down a sand dune

Turakina beach

Turakina beach

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4 Responses to A day at the beach

  1. O what a wonderful place to go!! You lucky pup’s 🙂
    Did you know if you go in the car machine often enough you will eventually get over your car sickness? Our human has worked with plenty of dogs that get car sick and they all love the car now!!

    We love the photo of you and your humans standing by the ocean!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    • ehamblyn says:

      Greetings. Mummy was telling Me and Nellie that her New Year’s resolution (Whatever that it) is for Me and Nellie to be taken out more, in order to over come my cronic car-sickness problem. She says in the winter I will be allowed to go to my brother’s rugby games. I look forward to going to games because there are girls there that admire Me and give Me (and Nellie) the love and attention that I so richly deserve. Love Jasper and Nellie.

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  3. speedyrabbit says:

    that looks fun!xx Speedy

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