Maine coon cats

Rosie the maine coon, sitting on her cushion

Rosie the maine coon, sitting on her cushion

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  After, our adventures at the beach Me and Nellie have been taking life quietly.   We have been such good maremmas, though I have been a bit naughty. Why just night I chewed the Fordell community newsletter that mummy had wanted to read and I might have wanted to have a little snooze on the couch and daddy may have told Me to get off the couch.  But other than that I have been so good.

One group of animals that that live with Me and Nellie that We try to avoid are the maine coon cats. When I first arrived with my family as a cute adorable, little white ball of fluff, I went up to Purdy the main maine coon cat to introduce myself.  She hissed at Me. Imaginie that!! Someone in the world that does not admire Me. How can that be? Maine coons are known for getting on well with other pets in their household.  Needless to say since then Me and  Nellie do not go too close to the cats just in case they might want to chase Me and Nellie.  Why just last weekend I went up to Rosie, who was sitting on a cushion on the couch in the living room to say hello and she attacked Me.  They do not like Me and Nellie those maine coons.  Off Me and Nellie go.  We have to go and visit our friends the cows and play some games with them.  Bubba still has not returned from his holiday at Farmer Rae’s.  It has been some time since We have seen him.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two woofest dogs in the land.  Would you like to see more photos of our day at the beach?  Of course you do.

Watching auntie and mummy

Watching auntie and mummy

Go anywhere near that water.  You have to be kidding!!!

Go anywhere near that water. You have to be kidding!!!

Me and Nellie at the beach

Me and Nellie at the beach

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2 Responses to Maine coon cats

  1. Our huamn really wants a Maine Coon – she has heard they are great cats! 🙂

    Maybe some day they will not scratch you Nellie and Jasper, our paws are crossed! 🙂

    Loving all your beach photo’s!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    • ehamblyn says:

      Maine coons are great cats. If I was a cat I’d be one. Today mummy and daddy are going to the great Mangamahu giant pumpkin weigh-off. Me and Nellie have not been invited. Daddy was telling mummy that he had heard that the pumpkins have dynamite put in them and then they are rolled down a hill. Mummy says that sounds a bit dangerous.

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