Slips amongst other things

Slip at McCains cutting

Slip at McCains cutting

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  This morning mummy rushed off to work at the museum.  Thankfully, she remembered to give Me and Nellie our morning dinner.  Sometimes she forgets.  Mummy was running late, as usual, and she had not sooner got not very far down the road when she discovered that there had been another slip at McCain’s cutting and then she got a text from brother at rugby camp wanting his school track suit, so back home she went.  Needless to say she was late for work.   Here is the link to the museum mummy works at:

Mummy was telling Me and Nellie, in between telling us off for rampaging through her garden again, that about maremmas living in Australia that help look after livestock. Here is the link to it

tongariro national crossing

tongariro national crossing

Daddy and sister went on a tramp over the Tongariro crossing.  The weather was fantastic.  The Tongariro National Park is rich in cultural identity, it has dramatic scenery and unique land forms this combines to make the Tongariro Alpine Crossing a world-renowned trek.   (Rated as the best one day trek in New Zealand and listed by many in the top 10 day treks in the world) Many who complete the 19.4 K’s journey will tell you the climbs can be steep and the  weather can be unpredictable.  You will need to arrange transport to the beginning of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing track and a pick up at the end of the day.

Only trouble today they are feeling very sore and tired.  Daddy is not very fit, unlike Me and Nellie who spend our days running around protecting our flock and We are lean, protecting machines.  Off Me and Nellie go.  It is almost time for our evening dinner and We must be prepared.  Love Nellie and Jasper the two most fittest maremmas in the land.

On the crossing

On the crossing

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2 Responses to Slips amongst other things

  1. Judith Hamblyn says:

    I don’t thinkJasper would make a very good guardian of chickens! Aunty Judith

  2. Our human has done the Tongariro Crossing, she really enjoyed it! SHe did do it when she was a bit younger, so she may not be able to now *Hee! Hee!*

    OUr human has actually seen live-stock guarding dogs working before, it is very amazing! 🙂

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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