Ka pai kai

Me awaiting in anticipation of my kai

Me awaiting in anticipation of my kai

Kia ora loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Daddy was telling mummy that every evening Me and Nellie sit at the top of the driveway waiting for mummy and brother to come home.  We have to be there to greet our family.  It is proper and right that we do so as when they come home,  they give Us the attention and aroha (love)  that Me and Nellie so richly deserve. Well, last night mummy came home with some kai (food) for Me and Nellie.  There had been a function at the museum and there was some left over kai, so they kindly thought that Me and Nellie would like to have some ham and chicken.   Me and Nellie would like to say thank-you to all the kind people at the museum and say how much we enjoyed hovering the kai down.

Huge logs on the back of the truck

Huge logs on the back of the truck

This morning mummy and daddy were woken up by the sound of loud machinery at 6 am.  They wondered what was making all that noise.  Normally, they are awoken by the sounds of Me and Nellie letting the whole Mangamahu valley know that We are awake.  Daddy went over and had a look to see what was making all the noise.  There were logging trucks moving a huge pile of logs, that had been cut down over the summer.  The logs were being taken to Palmerston North to go by rail to Kinleith plup and paper mill.  Me and Nellie had to let the men working that We were watching them.  For some reason, they did not take too much notice of Me and Nellie woofing at them. Off Me and Nellie go, for it is nearly our morning dinner time.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

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2 Responses to Ka pai kai

  1. Wow! What a big logging truck! We couldn’t imagine being woken up at 6am, we never rise much before 9am 😉

    Lots if slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Brian Smaller says:

    Every snack you make
    Every meal you bake
    Every bite you take
    I’ll be watching you

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