The Italian connection


Me and Nellie in the garden

Me and Nellie in the garden

Greetings loyal readers. It has very quiet in the sunny Mangamahu valley.  Why, just yesterday mummy and daddy were saying how good Me and Nellie have been.  I had a bit of a bark fest on Sunday afternoon and when brother went to see what I was woofing at (which was nothing) he found mummy’s pink gardening shoe, which Nellie had hid in the garden during the summer.  Mummy was pleased to get her shoe back.  Now, she just wants to find her pink jandel that Nellie disappeared off with last year.   Now, loyal readers you might wonder why mummy and daddy wanted to get a maremma and more importantly Me.  Well, when my family lived in the city, daddy had always wanted to get a dog, but mummy had always said no.  She did not want a dog, so when they moved to the countryside, it was one of things that mummy said family could get, along with a gun.  So, sister found Me on something called a trademe and off to Palmerston North they went and they came home with Me!!  And the rest is history. So, why did they want a maremma?  Daddy’s mummy was born in Italy and she met his daddy in Italy during the war and daddy has always liked the idea of having an Italian dog.  His mummy comes from a place called Campobasso.  A few years ago my family visited Campobasso.   They really liked it there.    Before my family got me they wanted to call Me Caesar, but brother said it was a silly name and Jasper better suited Me, and so it does.  The following is a link about Nonna’s home town.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

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