Disappearing Maremmas

Me and Nellie at the gate  watching Neighbour Paul

Me and Nellie at the gate watching Neighbour Paul

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Sometimes, mummy is very suspicious of Me and Nellie and likes to know where We are at all times. Last year, Me and Nellie went for a walkabout down to Farmer Rae’s orchard.  This was before Bubba went there for his holiday. Then there was another time when we disappeared and no one knew where We had got to. Because of this she likes to know where We are and what We are doing. We spend most of our time on the deck. It is nice and warm and sunny and from there We can see what is happening around our property and Me and Nellie can spring to action, should the need arise. You never know, Neighbour Paul might want to drive down his driveway on the opposite side of the road and We have to be there to let him know that he is being watched. Of course, if mummy is out in the garden We are there with her. Mummy needs constant supervision when she is outside. But sometimes Me and Nellie disappear and mummy and family have to go looking for Us. Firstly, they listen to hear if they can hear Me and Nellie having a good old barkathon. If, they can’t hear Us then they go and look at our favourite places. Firstly, they look down the driveway to see if We are at the gate looking out at the cows and Neighbour Paul. Nope, not there. Then they will go around the back of the tennis court to see if We are watching the driveway down to Farmer Rae’s orchard.  Not there, so where are We?  Over at the woolshed? Somewhere where We are not supposed to be. Not there either.  So, where are Me and Nellie.  Just as our family are starting to get concerned as to our location, up we appear, as if by magic.  Off We go for brother is going over to the wood shed to get some wood for the fire and We must be there to supervise him.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

Nellie being an autumn babe

Nellie being an autumn babe

Our driveway

Our driveway
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One Response to Disappearing Maremmas

  1. This is pretty darn AWESOME! Good luck to you and Nellie in all of your adventures! However, you really haven’t lived until you visit Las Vegas,,,,,, just sayin. If you get lost here, it stays here!

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