The Magic box

The magic box

The magic box

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas. In the kitchen, there lives a large cold magic box. During the day my family go to this magic box and get items out of it. I am most interested in this large magical box, for it contains food for Me and Nellie to eat. I like to try to put my head in this magic box, but for some reason my family tell me to get my nose out of the fridge and that I am not welcome in the kitchen. That is not nice. I have to be in the kitchen to supervise the important activities that happen there, like the preparation of Our dinner. Sometimes, if Me and Nellie are good We are allowed little snacks from the magic box, but We are never fed inside. We are always fed outside on the deck and mummy makes Us share whatever tasty treat there is on offer. As loyal readers know I am a little piglet when it comes to food and I always try to gobble down the treat faster than Nellie, so I can get more food. Last night mummy came home with a bag and out of this bag she put into the magic box, two bones. I was most interested in these bones, but mummy told Me to go away. She said Me and Nellie could have the bones when it was time for Us to go to bed. That is not fair making me and Nellie wait for our treats. Love Jasper and Nellie, two unhappy maremmas, who have to wait for their treats.

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3 Responses to The Magic box

  1. KP says:

    Humans just don’t seem to understand some of life’s basics… surely the fact that we Maremmas are at bench height due to our magnificent Maremma physique means that evolution has decreed we should be allowed to have a look at what’s on offer, then choose according to our desires?

    But no, our mother, father and grandmother all yell at us “Snout Out! Snout Out! Snout Out!”…. any time we go near the kitchen bench. So then we have to pretend that we are well trained dogs who actually listened to those silly lessons they gave us when we were puppies and actually like to ‘sit’ obediently, ha! only when there are treats potentially on offer!

    We hope your bone was juicy

    love Freya and Rosamond

  2. ehamblyn says:

    It is very true that our magnificent maremma size means we are just the right height to inspect kitchen benches for tasty treats. My family call it Jasper’s patrolling, and like you if I am caught doing it then I am told off. Nellie, who is such a good dog, does not patrol the kitchen bench. She prefers her food to come to her. After the infamous four steak incident, food is not left out for Me to inspect. This is not fair!! And yes our bones were very juicy. I tried to eat mine inside on the carpet but for some reason I was told off and told to take my bone outside. Mummy has found that the thought of a treat does tend to focus Me and Nellie’s minds on the task of obeying any instructions, like “sit” or “come”. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in the land.

  3. KP says:

    Actually Japser it is me Rosamond who has the ‘snout that always knows where to go’ and is most often being yelled at “snout out!!”. Freya is like Nellie, generally a much better girl. However after hearing about your four steak incident I took it on as a personal goal! So far I have managed one big rump and also some chicken Grandma was cutting up but now they are all far more suspicious and keep a close eye on me when there is food being prepared. I still aspire to four steaks in one go but will have to bide my time… love Rosamond

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