Life on the bench

The nose at bench height

The nose at bench height

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.   When I told you all of my interest in the magic box in the kitchen, my friend Rosamond a wonderful maremma, living in Australia, was telling Me and Nellie that she is often told off by her humans for putting her snout on the bench and seeing if they are any tasty treats there.    She wishes to emulate my feat of hovering down four steaks off the kitchen bench before getting caught.  As you can see from this photo my nose is just at the right height to be able to inspect the kitchen bench for any potential maremma snacks.  But like Rosamond, I too get told off.  Something about being a bad maremma and how I should get myself out of the kitchen if I knew what was good for Me, but as loyal readers know I take no notice of my family telling Me off.  Am I not the bestest maremma in the land?  Daddy has been away and mummy says I have been getting very disobedient and pushing the doggy boundaries by doing naughty likes like stealing socks and sleeping on the couch.  ActivitiesI get told off for doing.  Off Me and Nellie go.  It is time for mummy to go out and feed the chickens and We must be there to supervise.

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One Response to Life on the bench

  1. Socks are made for snouts, they fit comfortably and have the wonderful aroma of our human flock in highly concentrated levels!

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