Nellie’s anniversary


Nellie and jasper in the  kitchen

Nellie and jasper in the kitchen

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas who are following my blog.  Today, Nellie has been with us for a whole year.  Mummy says doesn’t time fly when you are having fun.  Almost as soon as I arrived with my family, mummy wanted to get another Me.  She thought that if I had someone to share my life and play with I’d be better behaved and not be so naughty. Daddy wasn’t so keen on getting another dog, but he has come around and now couldn’t imagine life without Me and Nellie traipsing mud and dirt into the house or shedding snowy white fur all over the house or our constant interest in what is happening in the kitchen.   Mummy says she couldn’t imagine not having Me and Nellie helping her out in the garden with our constant interest in her activities, whether she is feeding those silly rabbits, cleaning out the chicken run, or weeding the garden,  We have to help her by doing a bit of diggy dog digging ourselves. For some reason she does not appreciated our efforts.  She mutters something about bad maremmas.  Do you like the photos of Nellie, mummy has found.  Isn’t she just the most beautiful maremma in the land?  Of course you agree with Me.  Love Jasper and Nellie, who are wondering if they will get a special treat to celebrate Nellie’s anniversary.  Mummy was too busy gossiping to a friend in the mall that she forgot to go to Farmlands to get more doggy food and Me and Nelle had to go without our morning dinner.

Nellie looking adorabe as usual

Nellie looking adorabe as usual

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2 Responses to Nellie’s anniversary

  1. What a wonderful occasion for you and Nellie both dear Jasper, one Maremma is never enough, though why your Mummy thought company would make you better behaved is beyond us? A playmate brings out the best in us all! Tomorrow is our first birthday! We will be writing our first post now that the geese and chooks have had their go. The sheep seem to be a bit slower at typing. Happy anniversary Nellie, love Freya and Rosamond in Autumnal Australia

  2. ehamblyn says:

    Greetings fellow maremmas in Australia. Me and Nellie will be most interested in reading your first post. May it be the beginning of many more to come.

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