Breaching the defences

Those peasky chickens!!

Those peasky chickens!!

Greeting loyal readers. Mummy is very annoyed. She went to put those pesky chickens away last night and she found two of them in one of her vegetable gardens. There was not much left of her silver beet. They had breached her defences by somehow getting over the chicken wire she has carefully put around her raised garden beds.  Mummy took some photos of the damage but she says they did not turn out very well.  She does not like chickens or maremmas for that matter in her garden. She says Me and Nellie have all the finesse of a ten ton truck when We rampage through her herbaceous boarders. It has been very cold again, but do not worry about Me and Nellie as We have been keeping warm by the fire.  Love Jasper and Nellie, the two bestest maremmas in the land.

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3 Responses to Breaching the defences

  1. A similar thing happened to our Mummy this morning, except it was she who forgot to close the gate between the chook pen and the fenced off kitchen garden. No sooner had she gone in to change water and check on the clucky chook when two of the Gold Laced Wyandotte hens leapt into the garden, making a bee line straight for the mesculin salad mix patch! Mummy had to chase them around until they went back into their area. She swore a lot at them, like she does when we manage to get in to the garden. We thought she wanted us always by her side?
    You are lucky to have a fire, Mummy and Daddy haven’t built us one yet but it is not as cold as New Zealand
    Love Freya and Rosamond

    • ehamblyn says:

      Yes, Me and Nellie know all about those naughty swear words that mummy some time uses. For a long time I honesty thought my name was Jasper you little s*&t. Funny is Nellie never gets told off any where as much as Me and as for when mummy was trying to get those peasky chickens out of the garden, the air was blue. She was especially annoyed with those chicken becasue it was getting dark and cold and she wanted to get inside. Unlike Me and Nellie mummy is not covered in warm white fur to keep her warm. Love Jasper and Nellie.

  2. O gosh those naughty chooks – your human won’t be happy!

    We can imagine it is almost freezing down where you are, especially because with think it is freezing up here – we don’t even want to go outside for our dinner at night 😦

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    P.S. Sorry it’s taken us a while to get around and visit! We have been quite busy!

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